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Holiday in Terento – South Tyrol

During an active holiday in South Tyrol / Terento, on our alpine farm Tötscherhof you will not only live closer to the sun, it will also pamper you all day long. Not without reason, the idyllic mountain village of Terento is also known as “Sunny Village”. In the winter the sun shines from 8 am until 4 pm – and in the summer even from 4 am to 8 pm! Ask the locals about this beautiful South Tyrolean village, and they will probably tell you that in Terento the sun never sets. Therefore, during your farm holidays not only your body and soul will get a chance to relax, but you’ll also come back home with a healthy tan.

Webcam Terento

Webcam Terento

Where traditions are maintained and hospitaly is lived …

The genuine South Tyrolean hospitality can be felt all around Terento. On your strolls through the picturesque village you can chat with the locals. They all have interesting stories to tell, and you will soon feel like a part of this community. The residents of Terento cherish their antique traditions. Still today, in Terento you can admire colourful and historic festivals – don’t miss these great cultural events. Whether the crusade to Marca on the first of May or the Thanksgiving Procession on the second Sunday in October – during your farm holidays you will see the great passion and joy of the old traditions in Terento.

The joy of hiking – in and around Terento!

There are as many hiking trails and attractions in Terento like there are flowers on a pasture. You can therefore look forward to an active holiday in the South Tyrolean nature – or even better, in the beautiful Val Pusteria. For example, the 1.5-hour “Mill Path” is a real treat for hikers. Seven mills, some of which are over 500 years old, line the path – in some the local farmers still today grind their flour. But also the hiking trails to the emerald green and deep blue mountain lakes, or natural wonders like the Devil’s Stone, fascinate hikers every year. So look forward to the exciting farm holidays in South Tyrol / Terento!

Holidays in Val Pusteria – The green valley in South Tyrol

Holiday in Val Pusteria - The green valley in South Tyrol
Holiday in Val Pusteria - The green valley in South Tyrol

In the postcard scenery of the Val Pusteria natural and manmade attractions can be found at every corner. There are many castles and fortresses, but also natural monuments such as the Witches Stone or the Earth Pyramids attract hikers, geologists and historians. Considering the Val Pusteria as an entity, it looks as if Mother Nature had painted a masterpiece. Majestic mountain giants surround the greenest valley in South Tyrol. Lush meadows blend with deep green forests, ice cold and crystal clear mountain streams, alpine lakes that sometimes shimmer from deep blue to turquoise green. During an active holiday in Val Pusteria, you will feel like living in a work of art. Simply incredible!

The Val Pusteria – where Mother Nature spends her holidays …

The Val Pusteria – where mother nature spends her holidays …

On our farm in Terento – the Tötscherhof – you will get the impression that Mother Nature has truly chosen the Val Pusteria as her holiday destination. With an area of 2,071 sqm, this paradise on earth extends between the historic Episcopal city of Bressanone all the way to Lienz, Austria. The larger part of the greenest valley in South Tyrol is located on the Italian side of the Alps. Thanks to the varied landscape the Val Pusteria is a paradise for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. Summer or winter, one thing will be certainly difficult to find here: boredom! Active holidays in South Tyrol – the Val Pusteria and Terento create a fantastic unit for unforgettable farm holidays on the Tötscherhof.

Culture, sport and wellness in Val Pusteria / South Tyrol

The green Val Pusteria makes ​​it incredibly easy to fulfil all holiday wishes. With its numerous historical sites, unparalleled alpine mountain scenery, charming towns and villages and the life-affirming attitude of the locals, during your farm holiday you will enjoy every minute. Sports enthusiasts will find many opportunities to experience exciting and fantastic adventures. Those who love culture and history, in museumsfortresses and castles and during excursions to historical sites can discover the fascinating and historic past of the region of South Tyrol. If you wish to pamper your body and mind, you may visit one of the exclusive spas. In the holiday apartments in Terento you will live in the heart of Val Pusteria and can look forward to great experiences every day.

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